Enhance Your 360-Degree Experience: 5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Ricoh Theta Camera

Embark on a transformative journey into the captivating world of immersive photography with your Ricoh Theta camera, and unlock its boundless potential with a meticulously selected array of essential accessories

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the indispensable additions that not only enrich your 360-degree photography experience but also redefine the way you tell visual stories. As the popularity of immersive photography continues to soar, the significance of equipping yourself with the right accessories becomes paramount. 

Discover how these accessories not only elevate your creative capabilities but also serve as catalysts in enhancing the overall quality of your visual storytelling, creating immersive narratives that captivate your audience and transport them to new dimensions of visual exploration.


1st Accessory - Lens Cap

Safeguard the gateway to your visual world with the Lens Cap, an absolute essential for every discerning Ricoh Theta camera user. This section provides a comprehensive exploration, offering a detailed yet accessible description of the advantages, benefits, and practical uses of this must-have accessory. 

Immerse yourself in understanding how the Lens cap goes beyond safeguarding, ensuring the longevity of your camera's lens while maintaining the pristine clarity needed for exceptional 360-degree photos

Explore the Lens Cap, and embark on a journey where your lens remains safe to your immersive world. From protection against scratches, dust and water splashes, this accessory is a crucial investment in the longevity of your Ricoh Theta.

Lens cap for:

Ricoh Theta V and SC2: Lens cap TL-1

Ricoh Theta X: Lens cap TL-3

Ricoh Theta Z1: Lens cap TL-2


2nd Accessory - Remote Control


Seize control of your creative process with the intuitive Remote Control accessory. This segment meticulously outlines the convenience and flexibility provided by the  Remote Control, emphasizing its myriad advantages and benefits

Dive into the exploration of how this accessory enables seamless operation, positioning itself as an indispensable tool for capturing the perfect shot without disturbing your camera's delicate position. 

Explore the Remote Control, and redefine the way you interact with your Ricoh Theta camera, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece of precision and creativity. From capturing candid moments to orchestrating intricate shots, this accessory empowers you to be the director of your 360-degree visual narrative.

Remote Control for Ricoh Theta Z1, X, V, SC2: Remote Control TR-1


3rd Accessory - Tripod Stand

Stability forms the foundation of excellence in 360-degree photography, and the Tripod Stand emerges as your steadfast ally. 

Uncover the unparalleled advantages of using a Tripod Stand, from capturing steady shots to facilitating hands-free shooting. This section meticulously details the benefits and practical uses of this accessory, ensuring that your Ricoh Theta camera remains unwavering in any shooting environment

Immerse yourself in exploring the Tripod Stand, revolutionizing your panoramic shots and offering a stable platform for your creative vision to flourish. Whether capturing landscapes or creating time-lapse sequences, this accessory is the cornerstone of precise and immersive visual storytelling.

Our tripods are compatible with all RICOH THETA cameras. Choose the one that suits you best according to their characteristics and your budget:

  • RICOH THETA TD-2 tripod
  • Tripod SLIK PC-5
  • Tripod RICOH THETA TD-1

    4th Accessory - Carrying Case

    Safeguard your photographic investment with the dedicated Carrying Case for your Ricoh Theta camera. This section intricately elaborates on the advantages, benefits, and practical uses of the Carrying Case, highlighting its pivotal role in safeguarding your camera during transport. 

    Uncover how this accessory adds a layer of convenience to your photography endeavors, allowing you to traverse landscapes with ease, knowing your Ricoh Theta camera is protected

    Explore the Carrying Cases, and ensure that your camera is not just secure but also seamlessly portable, making every photoshoot a stress-free exploration. From padded interiors to weather-resistant exteriors, this accessory is designed to accompany you on every photographic adventure.

    We have two cases compatible with Ricoh Theta V, SC2: Theta TS-1 soft case and 

    Soft case with strap TS-3

    We have one case compatible with Ricoh Theta X, Z1: Semi-Hard Case TS-2


    5th Accessory - Waterproof case

    Get ready to explore new horizons with waterproof cases for optimum protection. Discover how these accessories allow you to capture unique moments, even in the most demanding environments.

    Discover the benefits of Ricoh Theta waterproof cases: the TW-2 Underwater Case offers waterproof protection to a depth of 40 metres with a robust and reliable design, ideal for 360° underwater shots

    The RICOH THETA TH-3 Hard Case, in clear polycarbonate, provides splash and weather protection with USB connectivity for charging and live streaming. Take control from your smartphone to capture unique moments. Compatible with Ricoh Theta Z1, X and SC2 models, these cases offer optimum protection for your explorations.

    Etui anti-éclaboussures/eau compatible avec RICOH THETA Z1, X, SC2: RICOH THETA Étui rigide TH-3

    Etui sous-marin/ waterproof compatible avec Ricoh Theta X: Boîtier sous-marin TW-2


    Go further with our camera accessories


    Start exploring, looking at other accessory categories that haven't been covered. It's important to choose high-quality equipment to complement your Ricoh Theta camera

    Discover the wide range of accessories that can take your Ricoh Theta camera experience to new creative heights. Discover how these accessories can cater for specific shooting styles, ensuring your camera is equipped to take on any photographic challenge.

    Splashproof/waterproof case compatible with RICOH THETA Z1, X, SC2: RICOH THETA Hard case TH-3

    Underwater/waterproof case compatible with Ricoh Theta X: Underwater case TW-2


    In conclusion, the right accessories have the power to transform your Ricoh Theta camera into a versatile and powerful tool for immersive photography. 

    From lens protection to remote control, tripod stability to ease of transport, these accessories enrich every facet of your creative process. 

    Explore the full range of accessories on the official Ricoh Theta website, and take your 360-degree photography experience to new heights, where every shot becomes a masterpiece in your immersive visual storytelling.

    Take the time to invest in accessories that match your creative vision, and watch your Ricoh Theta camera become a conduit for unparalleled storytelling, inviting your audience to experience the world from every angle.