RICOH THETA for which use?


The RICOH THETA camera captures everything in 360° photos and videos in one click. These images can be freely edited, shared and viewed. As a pioneer of 360° cameras, our solutions are used by many business applications ranging from industrial to service sectors. For a better understanding of our tecnology, here are some examples of business sectors already using our solutions:


coworking space

Real Estate Solution

The Real Estate industry is changing and virtual reality is finding its place in the business world. The real estate industry is going through a revolution with this technology.

By putting online the virtual visit of the properties for which he holds a mandate of sale or rent, the real estate agent offers the possibility to his potential buyers to take knowledge of the real estate without actual visit.


E-learning Solution

Virtual reality offers practice-based training scenarios without any logistical constraints, where the participants have the right to fail. Using 360° media allows to capture real environments and thus increase the immersion of the learner and sense of reality. This technology provides the most powerful levers for learning that are attention, learning by doing, gamification and emotion.

360° online training can make more interactive and realistic. Employees are able to see compliance protocols in action so that they understand the importance of online training. You have the power to create immersive case studies and real-world examples for your audience. Your stories become realistic environments that they can explore and analyze. Online leaners are able to witness the events firsthand and step inside the shoes of the main character.



360° car interior


Automotive Solution

The car-buying public is increasingly using immersive technologies like VR and AR to facilitate their puchase decisions. Automotive retail, in particular, is seeing greater implementation of immersive technology as a customer engagement tool, delivering a multitude of benefits that are designed to both empower car buyers and drive efficiencies for the brand.

The 360° photo is a qualitative format. It can offer visitors a global vision of the inside of an used car: it's a sales point that enhances the vehicle, the brand and the car dealership. In a world where the consumer is constantly seeking more transparency and services, the 360° format represents a modern, forward-looking tool to promote the sales. Shooting a 360° photo is amazingly easy to carry out. The 360° format experience takes the customer unto a new era of transparency and detail.


3D & 360 VR Solution

The surge of new virtual reality technologies is advancing so fast it’s difficult to grasp all the emerging innovations in this sphere. Most people still know only basic things about VR headsets and some popular VR implementations. We’ve all probably seen 360 videos on Facebook and Youtube. Yet when it comes to incorporating this tech into a specific business model, you might feel a bit lost. We’d like to draw a clear line between 3D VR and 360 video, explain their applications and possibilities.

360 virtual reality (also known as 360 VR) is interactive and immersive content that completely surrounds a user as if they are standing in the middle of a scene. This content can be viewed through any device and it allows the user to look in any direction, allowing them to see and interact with the content as they would in real life. This transforms the user from being a passive viewer to an active viewer as they have the power to look anywhere they want to. Creating 360 VR content is a relatively new field where best practices are still being established. Even so, making this type of content need not be difficult. It does, however, require special cameras as this format is unlike any other format.


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New Media Solution

The adoption of 360° by media content creators has been expanding. Various companies have continued to adopt the new format on social media sites as well as on traditional webpages with 2x more media pages publishing 360 videos and photos year on year.

Increasingly more companies and media pages adopted the new 360° format over the years. We predict this trend will continue as marketers recognize its potential, and therefore might evolve to become the most engaging - and heavily promoted content type - over conventional photos and videos.

360° content is a unique storytelling format that helps put communities at the center of the action. As the News Feed grows more competitive, it becomes more important to publish creative content that stands out.

That’s why we expect the number of 360° videos and photos to rise in the future.