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3D Microphone TA-1

Compatible with Ricoh Theta V
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A ”RICOH THETA V” dedicated 3D microphone. Equipped with a microphone unit developed by Audio-Technica Corporation, a company recognized for its high technological strength and reliability. The microphone can pick up deep sounds at middle to low frequency due to the directional microphone with a large aperture at approximately 10 mm, compared to built-in microphones. This makes it suitable for shooting musical performances. Also, attaching the included wind screen to the microphone allows video to be shot with reduced wind noise when outdoors.


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This is a 3D microphone exclusively for the Ricoh Theta V camera for recording balanced, natural sounds that faithfully reproduce the environment without exaggeration or coloration. The included microphone was developed by Audio-Technica, which has a reputation for technical competence. In addition to the built-in microphone, a larger diameter, approximately 10 mm microphone is used for recording natural sounds with a high amount of information over the entire range from bass to treble. You can record quality sounds in the mid-range, so this microphone is perfect for recording musical performances. In addition, the microphone is acoustically unidirectional, so it allows you to change sound fields smoothly when moving from one point to another. The included windscreen helps block wind noise when recording outdoors for a more stable result.

Features :

Type: Static electret

Directivity: Cardioid × 4 channels (Ambisonic)

Output Connector: 3.5 mm, 6-pin mini plug

Power supply : Plug-in Power

Operating temperature range Approx. 0 to 40°C

Dimensions: Approx. 45.3 mm (W) × 105.2 mm (90.9 mm*) (H) × 37 mm (D)

* Excluding the plug portion

Weight: Approximately 63 g

Product specifications

3D Microphone TA-1



Fixed-charge back plate, permanently polarized condenser

Polar pattern

Cardioid x 4 channels (Ambisonics)

Output connector

3.5 mm (1/8") / 6 pole mini-plug

Power supply


Operating temperature range

Approx. 0 to 40℃ (32 to 104°F)


Approx. 45.3mm (W) x 105.2mm (90.9mm*) (H) x 37mm (D)
*Excluding plug


Approx. 63g


Tripod mount hole
Shooting is possible while a USB cable is connected to the camera body

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