Theta Soft Case TS-1 Black - Refurbished*
Theta Soft Case TS-1 Black - Refurbished* 17,49€
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Theta Soft Case TS-1 Black - Refurbished*

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A ”RICOH THETA V” dedicated 3D microphone. Equipped with a microphone unit developed by Audio-Technica Corporation, a company recognized for its high technological strength and reliability. The microphone can pick up deep sounds at middle to low frequency due to the directional microphone with a large aperture at approximately 10 mm, compared to built-in microphones. This makes it suitable for shooting musical performances. Also, attaching the included wind screen to the microphone allows video to be shot with reduced wind noise when outdoors.

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Slot-in type storage case that is functional yet protects your camera

- Designed to be small and light just like your RICOH THETA, and easy to carry around.
- Made of black synthetic leather
- Can be stored with the optional "strap attachment" attached

*This product is not new, it has been  selected from from second hand product close to a new condition (displayed product, returns, marketing purpose etc..). The product has been revised entirelly and is under warranty of XX