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Bushman monopod v2

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The new Bushman MONOPOD V2 for 360 cameras. The pole now has 5 sections and folds down to 39 cm once closed, fully open 154cm. For stability, it includes a new 400 g counterweight with 1/4″ male thread on the top and a larger sturdier table tripod which offers 2 possible positions.  The MONOPOD V2 comes with a screw-on counterweight that can be removed.


The 5 section Monopod has been made to be in a compact design and easy to use.

  • Closed: It fits in your backpack.
  • Open: opens more than the human height. Ideal Point Of View (POV).
  • Foam grip for comfort.

Very flexible and will fit most case scenario. Ideal for virtual tours and everyday 360° on the go. If you think this is not enough for you, then you know you should upgrade to the Monopod Pro.


Stability first

Avoid the traumatic experience of your expensive camera crashing to the ground be sure to have a counterweight at the base. If you don't this will become an expensive rookie mistake.

  • The high grade 400g stainless steel counterweight is made just for that single purpose.
  • A 1/4" male thread on the top
  • A 1/4" female on the bottom.

This makes the counterweight perfect to mount to the bottom of your Monopod. This is the go to solution for true users that care about their 360° camera lenses.


The crucial tripod

The tripod is the base and essential element in this combo.

  • A 1/4" male thread on the top.
  • 2 Opened positions.
  • High quality grade material.
  • Original Bushman Panoramic V2 logo on the legs.

This completes your 360 setup, offering stability and flexibility.


The highly rated Monopod v2 has been improved over the years. You will find it practical and easy to use straight out of the box.

It has 5 sections, which makes it small and easy to carry around.

It will be invisible in your 360° shoots.

Adjust your monopod v2 length with the 1/4 turn locks.

It comes with its own carry bag.


400g of stability

The 400g stainless steel Counterweight is a crucial element in your 360 stand. This will drastically avoid the typical camera crashing to the ground situation. It will bring you confidence in shooting.


A true Tripod

The original Bushman Panoramic V2 tripod comes with its "V2" branded logo on each leg. We have used high quality materials for the best assembly. It offers 2 opened positions.

  • One low position recommended for stability in your 360° shot.
  • One high position if you would like to reduce the ground footprint.

It has a red O-ring on the top for improved contact with the counterweight.